Tuesday, May 24, 2022

ACT Strata to benefit from energy efficiency rebates

ACT Strata energy efficiency rebates – $5000 on offer

Known as the Actsmart Business Energy and Water Program, ACT Strata corporations are invited and encouraged to apply for a rebate on the upgrading of inefficient common area lighting.

Conversion to LED provides saving on electricity bills and improves lighting levels in stairwells, carparks and corridors. This could be the end to the never ending task of changing light globes and better still it’s a win for the environment.

To qualify, the owners corporation must be operating in the ACT and employ a maximum of 10 full-time equivalent staff. It is unlikely that this would disqualify any ACT strata corporation.

“Over 230 residential and commercial owners corporations have already taken part in the Actsmart Business Energy and Water program over the last two years and are now enjoying the benefits,” said Lara Lloyd from Actsmart.

Fast Facts – ACT Strata energy efficiency rebates

  • The program is free
  • Includes an onsite energy assessment
  • You’ll receive a detailed tailored plan
  • Access a rebate of up to $5,000 (50% cost sharing capped at $5,000)
  • Choose your own electrician
  • Registration is simple

If you want to find out what savings you can expect, visit Actsmart’s Lighting Efficiency webtool. It is a step by step online resource designed to help businesses and owners corporations estimate upfront costs, likely savings and the time it will take to pay off a lighting upgrade.

“The process was really straightforward. The assessor talked me through the energy saving opportunities and made sure I received a 50 per cent rebate on the cost of the upgrades.” Small business owner.

After implementation, the owners corporation will then receive a certificate of participation and recognition as an Actsmart business, allowing you to promote your environmentally responsible stance to residents, owners and the community.

The Actsmart team are available to answer any questions you may have – you can call them on 13 22 81 or email businessenergy@act.gov.au.

*Terms and conditions apply

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