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Strata questions and answers all in one place.

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Getting easy access to relevant and regular strata news, strata information, strata events, education and products relating to strata living has always been a challenge – Strataville was born to fill the much-needed gap.

Strataville is not just a community that connects, informs and inspires.  It’s a place to get involved, ask a strata question, start conversations, make connections, and improve and enhance your strata living lifestyle.

Living in a strata scheme means: you own your unit or apartment as well as sharing ownership and responsibility for common property. if you own your unit, you are automatically a member of the owners corporation which has responsibility for common property and makes key decisions affecting the strata scheme.

Strataville provides a friendly community-style environment to enhance, educate, inform and assist strata living.

We recognise the very real need for a space where owners could ask the difficult questions, understand by-laws, and consume content that is innovative, engaging and understandable.

Strataville is that space.

The strata living lifestyle is a complex mix of rules, regulations, benefits and pitfalls, and taking part in the rapidly growing Strataville community makes everything a little easier.

The world of strata can be tricky to navigate – and Strataville’s goal is to make it a little simpler. What you’ll find is clear and concise content including articles, news, government and industry body information, interviews, reviews, podcasts, videos – and more.

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