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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 8
Part 9
Division 5
Section 395

Application of s 213 | Section 395

(1)This section applies in relation to the sale of a lot intended to come into existence as a lot included in a community titles scheme when the scheme is established—

(a)if a contract for the sale of the lot to the person who proposes to buy the lot (the buyer) has not been entered into before the commencement; and

(b)whether or not the person who proposes to sell the lot (the seller) to the buyer has complied with previous section 213 in relation to the sale.

(2)The seller must give the buyer a disclosure statement complying with current section 213 before the buyer enters into a contract to buy the lot.

(3)If the seller has, before the commencement, given the buyer a disclosure statement under previous section 213, the seller complies with current section 213 in relation to the buyer if—

(a)the seller gives the buyer a new disclosure statement that complies with current section 213; or

(b)the seller gives the buyer a written notice that states the matters mentioned in current section 213(2)(a).

(4)In this section—

current section 213 means section 213 as in force immediately after the commencement.

previous section 213 means section 213 as in force from time to time before the commencement.

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