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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 6
Part 3
Section 236

Appointment of dispute resolution officers | Section 236

(1)The chief executive must appoint appropriately qualified persons as department conciliators and department adjudicators (department appointees) for conducting the dispute resolution service.

(2)A department appointee—

(a)is appointed under the Public Service Act 2008; and

(b)may hold the office of department appointee as well as an appointment to perform another role under that Act; and

(c)is appointed for conducting the dispute resolution processes stated in the appointment for applications referred to the department appointee.

(3)Also, the chief executive may enter into a contract with an appropriately qualified person under which the person—

(a)agrees to provide department adjudication or department conciliation; and

(b)is appointed as a department adjudicator for conducting department adjudication, or as a department conciliator for conducting department conciliation, for applications referred to the person while the contract is in force.

(4)A person appointed under subsection (3) is appointed under this Act and not the Public Service Act 2008.

(5)A person may be appointed under this section for conducting both department conciliation and department adjudication.


See, however, section 267(2).

(6)A person is appointed for specialist mediation, specialist conciliation or specialist adjudication, in the way provided in this chapter, only on a case by case basis.


Part 7 deals with specialist mediation and conciliation and part 8 deals with specialist adjudication.

(7)In this section—

appropriately qualified, for appointment to conduct a dispute resolution process, means having the qualifications, experience or standing appropriate for conducting the dispute resolution process.

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