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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 8
Part 9
Division 4
Section 386

Body corporate to call general meeting etc. if motion submitted to it | Section 386

(1)This section applies if a motion under section 379 is submitted to the body corporate for an existing scheme.

(2)Within 2 months after receiving the motion, the body corporate must—

(a)identify the pre-adjustment order entitlements for the existing scheme; and

(b)if section 381 applies to the scheme, obtain a valuation by a registered valuer stating the respective market values of lots included in the scheme; and

(c)call a general meeting of its members to decide what (if any) changes to the pre-adjustment order entitlements for the scheme should be made under sections 381 to 384.

(3)The notice of the general meeting must be accompanied by written evidence of the pre-adjustment order entitlements for the existing scheme and, if a valuation is obtained under subsection (2)(b), the valuation.

(4)The general meeting must be held within 28 days after it is called.

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