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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 2
Part 11
Division 2
Section 93

Effect of creation of layered arrangement | Section 93

When schemes A and B become a layered arrangement—

(a)a liability for a charge, levy, rate or tax that had accrued on a lot included in scheme A or B, or on the body corporate for scheme A or B, before the layered arrangement was created is not affected; and

(b)anything done in relation to scheme A or B before the layered arrangement was created continues in effect to the extent there is no inconsistency with the community management statements recorded for schemes A, B and C, including, for example, the following—

(i)an application under the dispute resolution provisions;

(ii)an order of an adjudicator or court about a lot or common property;

(iii)liabilities and obligations attaching to the owners of lots included in schemes A or B.

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