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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 3
Part 3
Division 1
Section 150

Financial management arrangements | Section 150

(1)Subject to section 151, the financial management arrangements applying to a community titles scheme are those stated in the regulation module applying to the scheme.

(2)Without limiting subsection (1), the regulation module applying to a community titles scheme may provide for financial arrangements about the following—

(a)the budget of the body corporate;

(b)levying lot owners for contributions, including contributions of an interim nature for the period from the end of a financial year to 30 days after the annual general meeting for the next financial year;

(c)discounts and penalties relating to the payment of contributions;

(d)recovery of unpaid contributions;

(e)funds to be kept by the body corporate;

(f)powers and restrictions relating to borrowing;

(g)application of amounts in funds;

(h)spending limitations applying to the body corporate, and spending limitations applying to the committee for the body corporate;

(i)keeping accounts and preparing statements of accounts;

(j)auditing of statements of accounts by an auditor.

(3)To avoid doubt, it is declared that the financial management arrangements contained in a regulation module applying to a community titles scheme may impose obligations and limitations on both the body corporate (including the committee for the body corporate) and lot owners.

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