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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 3
Part 5
Division 4
Section 183D

Future contravention notice | Section 183D

(1)This section applies to a specified two-lot scheme if an owner of a lot included in the scheme (the complainant) reasonably believes that—

(a)a person (the person) who is the owner or occupier of a lot included in the scheme has contravened a provision of the by-laws for the scheme; and

(b)the circumstances of the contravention make it likely that the contravention will be repeated.

(2)The complainant may, by notice (a future contravention notice) given to the person, require the person not to repeat the contravention.

(3)A complainant who gives a future contravention notice under subsection (2) must when, or as soon as practicable after, the notice is given to the person, also—

(a)give a copy of the notice to the body corporate; and

(b)if the notice is given to a person who is not the owner of a lot included in the scheme, give a copy of the notice to the owner of the lot.

(4)If the future contravention notice is given following a request under section 185(3)(b)(i), the complainant must, within 14 days after receiving the request, advise the person who made the request that the future contravention notice has been given.

(5)The future contravention notice must state—

(a)that the complainant believes the person has contravened a provision of the by-laws; and

(b)the provision the complainant believes has been contravened; and

(c)details sufficient to identify the contravention; and

(d)that the person must not repeat the contravention; and

(e)that if the person does not comply with the notice the complainant may, without further notice—

(i)start proceedings in the Magistrates Court for the failure to comply with the notice; or

(ii)make an application under chapter 6 for resolution of the dispute.

(6)The future contravention notice has effect for—

(a)3 months after it is given to the person; or

(b)a shorter period mentioned in the notice.

(7)The person must comply with the future contravention notice.

Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

(8)However, the person does not commit an offence under subsection (7) if, when the future contravention notice is given to the person, the person has not contravened the provision mentioned in subsection (1)(a) in the way detailed for subsection (5)(c).

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