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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 2
Part 5
Section 51C

Limited adjustment of lot entitlement schedule—after amalgamation of lots | Section 51C

(1)This section applies if 2 or more lots in a community titles scheme (the pre-amalgamation lots) are amalgamated into 1 lot (the post-amalgamation lot).

(2)The lot entitlement for the post-amalgamation lot is the total of the lot entitlements for the pre-amalgamation lots.

(3)The owner of the post-amalgamation lot must give the body corporate written notice of the lot entitlement for the post-amalgamation lot.

(4)If the body corporate is given written notice under subsection (3), the body corporate must, as quickly as practicable, lodge a request to record a new community management statement incorporating the change.

Maximum penalty—100 penalty units.

(5)The new community management statement must be prepared and recorded at the expense of the owners of the pre-amalgamation lots.

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