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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 1
Part 4
Division 1
Section 10

Meaning of community titles scheme | Section 10

(1)community titles scheme is—

(a)a single community management statement recorded by the registrar identifying land (the scheme land); and

(b)the scheme land.

(2)Land may be identified as scheme land only if it consists of—

(a)2 or more lots; and

(b)other land (the common property for the community titles scheme) that is not included in a lot mentioned in paragraph (a).


Common property for a community titles scheme is, effectively, freehold land forming part of the scheme land but not forming part of a lot included in the scheme.

(3)Land can not be common property for more than 1 community titles scheme.

(4)For each community titles scheme, there must be—

(a)at least 2 lots; and

(b)common property; and

(c)a single body corporate; and

(d)a single community management statement.

(5)A community titles scheme is a basic scheme if all the lots mentioned in subsection (2)(a) are lots under the Land Title Act.

(6)However, under this Act, a lot may be, for its inclusion in a community titles scheme other than a basic scheme, another community titles scheme.


Schedule 1 contains examples of possible structures of community titles schemes.

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