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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 8
Part 9
Division 4
Section 379

Motion proposing adjustment of contribution schedule | Section 379

(1)Subsection (2) applies if—

(a)an adjustment order increased the proportion of the total contribution schedule lot entitlements for all the lots included in an existing scheme that are attributable to a lot included in the scheme; and

(b)before the commencement, a new community management statement reflecting the increase has been recorded.

(2)The owner of the lot may submit a motion proposing the adjustment of the contribution schedule for the existing scheme to reflect the pre-adjustment order entitlements for the scheme, subject to sections 381 to 384, to—

(a)if there is a committee for the body corporate—the committee; or

(b)otherwise—the body corporate.

(3)Subsection (2) does not apply to a person who—

(a)became an owner of the lot after the adjustment order was made; or

(b)becomes an owner of the lot after the commencement.

(4)Subsection (2) ceases to apply 3 years after the commencement.


Under section 398, this section no longer applies.

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