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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 6
Part 9
Division 3
Section 274

Notice of order to be given | Section 274

(1)The adjudicator for an application must give a copy of an order made under this chapter to—

(a)the applicant; and

(b)the respondent to the application; and

(c)the body corporate for the community titles scheme; and

(d)a person who, on an invitation under section 243 or 271(1)(c), made a submission about the application.

(2)The copy of the order must be—

(a)certified by the adjudicator as a true copy of the order; and

(b)accompanied by—

(i)a statement of the adjudicator’s reasons for the decision; and

(ii)an outline in the approved form of the appeal rights available under part 11.

(3)If the order is a declaratory or other order affecting the owners or occupiers of the lots included in the scheme generally, or a particular class of the owners or occupiers, the adjudicator need not give a copy of the order to each owner or occupier individually, but may instead give notice in a way that ensures, as far as reasonably practicable, it comes to the attention of all owners or occupiers or all members of the class.

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