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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 6
Part 2
Section 232

Responsibilities | Section 232

(1)The commissioner has responsibility for the administration of this chapter.

(2)In particular, the commissioner has responsibility for providing, under this chapter, a dispute resolution service.

(3)The commissioner may also provide an education and information service for helping—

(a)lot owners, bodies corporate and other persons who have rights and obligations under this Act to become aware of the rights and obligations; and

(b)members of the public to become aware of the rights and obligations under this Act of persons mentioned in paragraph (a); and

(c)dispute resolution officers to increase their proficiency.

(4)The commissioner is subject to the direction of the chief executive in administering this chapter, but must act independently, impartially and fairly in making decisions about particular persons.

Example for subsection (4)—

The commissioner must act independently in making a dispute resolution recommendation for a particular application.

(5)Once an application is referred to an adjudicator, the commissioner has no role in relation to the substance of the dispute or the outcome sought by the application.

(6)Subsection (5) does not affect the exercise of a power by the commissioner under section 239C or 294A(2)(a).

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