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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 1
Part 2
Section 4

Secondary objects | Section 4

The following are the secondary objects of this Act—

(a)to balance the rights of individuals with the responsibility for self management as an inherent aspect of community titles schemes;

(b)to promote economic development by establishing sufficiently flexible administrative and management arrangements for community titles schemes;

(c)to encourage the tourism potential of community titles schemes without diminishing the rights and responsibilities of owners, and intending buyers, of lots in community titles schemes;

(d)to provide a legislative framework accommodating future trends in community titling;

(e)to ensure that bodies corporate for community titles schemes have control of the common property and body corporate assets they are responsible for managing on behalf of owners of lots included in the schemes;

(f)to provide bodies corporate with the flexibility they need in their operations and dealings to accommodate changing circumstances within community titles schemes;

(g)to provide an appropriate level of consumer protection for owners and intending buyers of lots included in community titles schemes;

(h)to ensure accessibility to information about community titles scheme issues;

(i)to provide an efficient and effective dispute resolution process.

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