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Body Corporate And Community Management Act 1997

Chapter 8
Part 8
Section 370

Termination relating to particular contracts for sale of lots that are not residential property | Section 370

(1)This section applies if —

(a)a contract form for the sale of a lot that is not residential property was given to a proposed buyer by a seller before the commencement; and

(b)the contract form became or becomes a contract before, on or after the commencement.

(2)The contract may be terminated under amended section 206(7)(b) and for that purpose amended section 206(5) applies with the change mentioned in subsection (3).

(3)For applying amended section 206(5), all words from ‘must’ to ‘buyer’ are taken to be omitted and replaced by the words ‘must have had an information sheet in the approved form attached to the contract when the contract was given to the buyer’.

(4)For applying amended section 206(5) (the provision) as mentioned in subsection (3)—

(a)a reference in the provision to an information sheet in the approved form is a reference to an information sheet in the approved form under the pre-amended provision, section 206(5); and

(b)the word ‘attached’ has the meaning it has in amended chapter 5.

(5)In this section—

amended section 206(5) means section 206(5) as in force after the commencement.

amended section 206(7)(b) means section 206(7)(b) as in force after the commencement.

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