Strata Meetings

Strata meetings allow owners to make decisions in their collective interests.Strata meetings include general meetings (of all owners) or a strata committee meeting which is a smaller group of owners or owners’ nominees who may be approved to handle a number of matters on behalf of the owners corporation or body corporate.Strata meetings, extraordinary general meeting or a special general meeting should be held when needed (eg. to change, cancel or make by‑laws, to appoint or dismiss a strata managing agent). There is no minimum number of these meetings each year.In most states, the owners corporation (which all owners automatically belong to) must meet at least once at an annual general meeting (AGM) each year. This meeting deals with matters that the owners must consider (for example, insurance, and considering any building defects before statutory warranty periods end, if they apply).Meetings other than the AGM are called general meetings. Certain matters can be delegated to the strata committee, which meets more regularly.

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