Strata Parking

Strata Parking | How to resolve issues. Controlling parking on common property including visitor parking

Parking in your strata scheme might seem simple enough but it can lead to issues. At Strataville, we aim to provide readers with information and solutions to parking issues. This includes parking on common property, visitor parking and more.The owners corporation can control parking on common property by using signage, security guards, key card systems or parking barriers. Most strata schemes have by-laws on parking. If they are breached, penalties can apply. Owners and residents are only allowed to park in the spaces allocated to them.Strataville is the fastest growing and most engaged strata living website. Our editorial team aim to provide our readers with clear and concise content including articles, strata news, government and industry body information, interviews, reviews, podcasts, videos – and more.Have a question? Please drop us an email
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