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Cladding Update WA – April 2018

Cladding Update WA

Cladding Update WA – April 2018

Strata Community Association (SCA WA) has been working hard over the last several months to not only assist Building and Energy (formerly the Building Commission) to progress their state-wide cladding audit, but also to develop resources to support our members when dealing with affected buildings. We now have two SCA WA Board members, Ryan Murphy and Leanne Wahlert, on the Building Cladding Audit Stakeholder Group where they have the opportunity to draw attention to the real challenges that will be faced by property owners and strata managers.

In December last year we facilitated a meeting with key industry stakeholders to discuss the way forward for affected buildings. This group included the President of the Institute of Fire Engineers, the Chair of the Society of Fire Safety, and representatives from several major strata insurers. Consultation with this group has led to the development of a template Letter of Instruction and Building Information checklist that can be used by members of SCA WA when The intention of these documents is to help owners to solicit a report that satisfies the requirements as well as Building and Energy and local government.

The Building Commission is currently in the process of developing a panel of recommended Fire Engineers and SCA WA will share this information with members once it is available. This is expected in approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

Status of Building and Energy’s Audit

Building and Energy have now issued letters to most affected building owners notifying them if their building has been categorised as low, medium or high risk. Find the latest published status update here.

For medium and high risk buildings, Building and Energy will be undertaking further assessments to determine the type of cladding that is in place. Please be aware that it will take several months for Building and Energy to work through all medium to high risk buildings and therefore, if building owners are concerned about cladding on their building, they are encouraged to commence their own investigations and not to wait for Building and Energy to further assess their building.

Building and Energy have also developed an Assessment Tool for General Purpose Buildings with user notes to assist building owners to assess their buildings. Completion of the form will give you a calculation that will indicate the level of risk and highlight if it may be necessary to engage a fire engineer for further assessment.

SCA WA will continue to follow this matter closely and update members as necessary.

Source: SCA WA

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