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What is a Community Title Scheme?

In Queensland, a Community Title Scheme (CTS) comprises of jointly administered lots (scheme land) and the community management statement (CMS) that defines that administration. The scheme land must include common property.

Community Title Schemes were introduced by the Body Corporate and Community Management Act(BCCM Act) to better administer group titles, building units and strata corporations. Four regulations modules exist to meet the needs of different types of community titles schemes: Standard, Accommodations, Commercial and Small Schemes. The regulations modules set out rules relating to committees, general meetings, financial and property management and insurance.

In New South Wales, a Community Title Scheme is becoming popular for new housing estates which are large developments that typically offer a mix of strata titled apartment buildings, townhouses and shared facilities like promenades, parklands, pools and gyms.

The main difference between a community title scheme and a strata scheme is the way in which land boundaries are defined. A community title scheme are divided by land allotments and strata scheme are defined as cubic spaces and limited in height and depth.

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