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Food scraps recycling trial

Food scraps recycling trial

Food scraps recycling trial

The City of Sydney are looking for 100 apartment buildings to join their food scraps recycling trial in mid-2019.

The city currently diverts 67% of residential waste from landfill, and this new kerbside collection is a crucial part of their work to achieve zero waste by 2030.

In 2019, the City of Sydney will trial a food scraps recycling service for residents and we are looking for households to sign up to take part.

Food waste makes up one third of our residents’ general waste bin (red lid). By collecting and recycling food scraps separately, they can make sure food waste is turned into high quality compost or fertiliser that can be used on gardens and farms.

The trial is an initiative of their leave nothing to waste – waste strategy and action plan 2017–2030, and is one of the actions being taking to help achieve a zero waste target by 2030. The results of this trial will shape future food scraps recycling services across the City of Sydney local area.

How will the food scraps recycling trial work

The City of Sydney will provide participating households with everything needed to begin separating out food scraps at home including a food scraps bin, kitchen caddy and compostable caddy liners.

All you’ll need to do is use the small kitchen caddy and compostable caddy liners to collect and store your food scraps in your kitchen. When you’re ready, put them in your food scraps recycling bin for collection.

If your apartment building is participating in the food scraps recycling trial, the City will provide plenty of information and resources to help educate and inform residents to encourage them to get involved. Resources may include posters, stickers and a how to guide.

You can register your building here

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