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Owners Corporation Act 2006

Part 13
Schedule 1

Power to make rules of owners corporation | Schedule 1

  1     Health, safety and security

1.1     Health, safety and security of lot owners, occupiers of lots and invitees.

1.2     Safety of children, including their exclusion from areas that may be unsafe for them or restricting activities that may be unsafe.

1.3     Storage of flammable liquids and other dangerous substances and materials.

1.4     Waste disposal.

        2     Committees and sub-committees

2.1     Functions, powers and reporting of committees and sub-committees.

2.2     Functions of the chairperson and secretary.

2.3     Financial controls for committees, sub-committees and delegates.

        3     Management and administration

3.1     Management and administration of common property and services.

3.2     Functions of manager.

3.3     Repair and maintenance of common property and services.

3.4     Metering of services and apportioning of costs of services.

        4     Use of common property

4.1     Use of common property.

4.2     Use of equipment, services and amenities on common property.

4.3     Vehicles and parking on common property.

4.4     Drying of laundry on common property or external or visible areas of lots.

4.5     Damage to common property (but not preventing the installation of insect screens or safety lock devices).

4.6     Deposit of rubbish and other material on common property.

        5     Lots

5.1     Change of use of lots.

5.2     External appearance of lots.

5.3     Requiring notice to the owners corporation of renovations to lots.

5.4     Times within which work on lots can be carried out.

        6     Design

Design, construction and landscaping.

        7     Behaviour of persons

7.1     Behaviour of owners, occupiers and invitees on common property.

7.2     Noise and other nuisance control.

        8     Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution, including internal grievance procedures, hearing procedures and communication procedures.

        9     Notices and documents

9.1     Notices, noticeboards and advertising.

9.2     Fees for provision of copies of rules, records and owners corporation register.

9.3     Notices about fees and charges.

        10     Common seal

The use of the common seal of the owners corporation.

Sch. 2 amended by No. 36/2011 s. 13(2)(3).

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