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Owners Corporation Act 2006

Part 5
Section 112

Proceedings of committee | Section 112

(1)     The quorum for a meeting of a committee is at least half of the members of the committee.

(2)     A resolution of a committee must be made—

(a)     by ballot; or

(b)     by show of hands or in another prescribed manner.

(3)     Each member participating in a meeting is entitled to one vote.

(4)     A member may participate in a meeting in person or by teleconferencing in accordance with the regulations.

(5)     A person co-opted to assist the committee is not entitled to vote at a meeting.

(6)     If there is not a quorum for a meeting of a committee, the members of the committee present may make an interim resolution.

(7)     An interim resolution does not take effect unless it is confirmed—

(a)     at the next meeting at which a quorum is present; or

(b)     by ballot under section 111; or

(c)     in accordance with the rules.

(8)     A resolution of the committee is a resolution that a majority of the members participating in a meeting of the committee agree is a resolution of the committee.

(9)     In the event of an equality of votes, the chairperson of the committee has a second or casting vote.

(10)     A person who participates in a meeting by means of teleconferencing or another prescribed manner is to be taken to be present in person at the meeting.

(11)     Subject to this Act and the directions of the owners corporation, the committee may regulate its own proceedings.

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