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Owners Corporation Act 2006

Part 4
Division 1
Section 67

What documents must be provided at the first meeting? | Section 67

At the first meeting of the owners corporation the applicant for registration of the plan of subdivision must provide all of the following for the purposes of the owners corporation—

(a)     the owners corporation register;

(b)     any accounts or records made on behalf of the owners corporation;

(c)     books to enable the owners corporation to keep the necessary minutes, accounts and other records;

(d)     the maintenance plan (if any);

(e)     a copy of the plan of subdivision and all related building plans, planning documents and other similar documents;

(f)     a copy of this Act and the regulations and the Subdivision Act 1988 and the regulations under that Act;

(g)     any contracts, leases and licences binding on or benefiting the owners corporation;

(h)     any insurance policies in force in relation to the property, including any insurance policy taken out under section 9AAA of the Sale of Land Act 1962 ;

(i)     the names of the companies, tradespeople or suppliers who provided a warranty or other guarantee on any matter for which the owners corporation is responsible and copies of those warranties and guarantees;

(j)     the common seal of the owners corporation.

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