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Owners Corporation Act 2006

Part 9
Division 2
Section 148

What must be kept on the owners corporation register? | Section 148

Subject to the regulations, the following must be kept on the owners corporation register—

(a)     the owners corporation plan number and address;

(b)     the name and address of each lot owner;

(c)     the name of the manager, registration number of the manager and contact details of the manager (if any);

(d)     total lot liability and total lot entitlements;

(e)     lot liability and lot entitlements for each lot affected by the owners corporation;

(f)     the basis for the setting of lot liability and lot entitlement (if available);

(g)     the date of each amendment to the owners corporation rules and the date of the recording of the consolidated rules (incorporating the amendment) in the Register kept under the Transfer of Land Act 1958 ;

(h)     details of any notices or orders served on the owners corporation by a court or tribunal or under an Act;

(i)     details of contracts, leases and licences entered into by the owners corporation;

(j)     details of the insurance policies taken out by the owners corporation including—

(i)     the name of the insurance company;

(ii)     the number of the insurance policy;

(iii)     the nature of the risk insured;

(iv)     the amount of insurance;

(v)     the due date of the premium;

(vi)     the date that the premium was last paid.

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