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Owners Corporation Act 2006

Part 12
Division 2
Section 194

What must the register of managers contain? | Section 194

The register of managers must contain information that is available to the Business Licensing Authority on the following in relation to each person registered as a manager under this Part—

(a)     the registration number issued by the Business Licensing Authority;

(b)     the name of the person;

(c)     if the person is a natural person, the person’s address for service, telephone number and email address (if any);

(d)     if the person is a corporation—

(i)     the corporate name (including the ACN);

(ii)     the address of its registered office or its address for service if this is different from its registered office;

(iii)     the telephone number and email address (if any);

(iv)     the name of each director of the corporation;

(e)     all business names under which the person carries on a management business;

(f)     the Australian Business Number (if any) issued under the A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999 of the Commonwealth issued to the person;

(g)     the Internet site address maintained by the person for the purposes of the management business (if any);

(h)     current details of the professional indemnity insurance held by the person;

(i)     any orders of VCAT under this Act relating to the person as a manager, including orders for appointment or removal of the person as manager;

S. 194(j) amended by No. 21/2012 s. 239(Sch. 6 item 33.4).

(j)     any undertakings given to the Director under this Act or the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012 ;

(k)     the date of grant, surrender or cancellation of registration;

(l)     any other prescribed information.

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