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Owners Corporation Act 2006

Part 11
Division 1A
Section 169F

What must VCAT consider? | Section 169F

(1)     In making an order to resolve a short-stay accommodation dispute, VCAT must consider the following—

(a)     the conduct of the parties;

(b)     an act or omission or proposed act or omission by a party;

(c)     any other matter VCAT thinks relevant.

(2)     In relation to a prohibition order under section 169D, VCAT must also consider the following—

(a)     the severity and nature of the breach;

(b)     the time between the breaches;

(c)     the history of the short-stay provider’s provision of short-stay accommodation arrangements;

(d)     any measures the short-stay provider took to prevent the breach.

S. 169G inserted by No. 34/2018 s. 7.

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