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Owners Corporation Responsibilities

Owners Corporation Responsibilities: The owners corporation is responsible for maintenance, repair and overall management of the common property.

This includes:

  • financial management
  • insurance
  • record keeping
  • repairs and maintenance of common property
  • by-laws
  • employment of a strata managing agent and/or a building manager (if they choose to do so)
  • keeping up to date with, and adhering to, all applicable laws. This includes planning; building; fire and safety inspections and work, health and safety laws.

The owners corporation has a range of other responsibilities that can also be delegated to a strata managing agent. These include:

  • issuing a notice on a person to comply with a by- law
  • providing strata information certificate to prospective purchasers within 14 days of written request
  • allowing an owner or a person, with the owner’s consent, to inspect the records of the strata scheme
  • notifying those holding a priority vote to any meetings where a priority vote can be used
  • ensuring access to all parts of the scheme is provided for necessary fire safety inspections
  • notifying all residents at least five days prior to a pesticide treatment being used on internal or external common areas. The notice can be given in person, writing, or by placing it on common notice boards and near the main building entrance.

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