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Removing a committee member – Vic

Removing a committee member

An owners corporation in Victoria may, at an annual general meeting or special general meeting, resolve to add or remove a committee member or replace or remove a committee.

Lot owners can remove a committee member by ordinary resolution which requires support from at least 50 per cent of lots or lot entitlements.

If there is a casual vacancy on a committee, the remaining members of the committee can invite another lot owner, or a person holding a proxy for a lot owner to be a member of the committee.

The vacancy does not have to be filled if three or more members remain on the committee.

A committee member can’t be removed by the committee.

If the lot owner or a proxy for a lot owner is in arrears for any amount of fees or other owing to the owners corporation, the lot owner is suspended as a member of the committee until the amount is paid.

Reference: Section 103– Owners Corporations Act 2006

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