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Role of the Strata Chairperson

The real role of the strata chairperson is not defined under the Act thus many functions of the chairperson are customary rather than formalised by law. Under the Act, the powers and duties of the chairperson are:

  • to preside at meetings of the owners corporation and the strata committee
  • to make determinations as to quorums and procedural matters at meetings of the owners corporation and the strata committee

Section 42 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 states the functions of the strata chairperson.

A strata chairperson is a key role on any strata committee The role, functions and responsibilities of the strata chairperson are frequently wider and more substantial. It is often a time consuming role that requires diplomatic and leadership skills of a high level.

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The chairperson:

  • provides leadership
  • addresses day-to-day operations
  • works between meetings
  • ensures the strata committee functions properly
  • ensures the owners corporation is managed effectively
  • provides support to the treasurer, secretary, strata managing agent and other building staff

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Strata chairperson – Effective chairing of meetings

The role of the strata chairperson is to direct discussion of the strata committee.

At meetings the chairperson must:

  • ensure the committee fulfils its responsibility in consideration of all agenda items.
  • ensure the agenda is followed
  • ensure the strata committee has read or heard all relevant information to make informed decisions
  • ensure that all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out
  • encourage full participation

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In reality, running an effective strata meeting is difficult and can be challenging. An effective strata chairperson will avoid:

  • long discussions with no conclusion
  • decision making on the basis of inadequate information
  • low attendance
  • uneven participation
  • unwillingness to ask questions

The strata chairperson is uniquely placed to contribute to the direction of an owners corporation or body corporate. It is an opportunity that allows you to translate your passion for into real action and change.

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