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Role of the Strata Secretary

In large schemes, the general functions of the strata secretary are delegated to the strata managing agent.

The powers and duties of the Secretary include:

  • preparing and giving minutes of meetings and putting a motion to confirm the previous minutes
  • giving notices for the owners corporation and its strata committee
  • keeping the strata roll
  • giving information to a person for the owners corporation (Sections 182 to 186)
  • answering correspondence addressed to the owners corporation
  • convening meetings of the owners corporation and its strata committee (apart from its first AGM)
  • doing all administrative and secretarial duties for the owners corporation and the strata committee.

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A delegation of functions to the strata managing agent might be a full authority or a limited authority. Consult your strata management agency agreement to see what roles or functions, if any, still remain the responsibility of the strata secretary.

Section 43 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 states the functions of the strata secretary.

Even though certain duties may have been delegated, the secretary can still exercise their powers, if they choose to do so.

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Strata Committee Meetings

The strata secretary can organise a strata committee meeting at any time. One-third of the strata committee members can also ask the Secretary to call a meeting.

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