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Small Living Room Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Small living room Ideas

Whether you own your property or looking to invest, buying small need not mean a compromise in functionality or comfort. There are many small living room ideas to make the most of your space, so you can live big no matter the square meterage.

Many Australians are now seeing the virtues of small living. As a homeowner, smaller spaces mean less maintenance, less cleaning and less clutter in your life. If you are looking at investment property tips, buying small is a great one to get you started. With a small property, you won’t have any trouble finding a tenant, and the financial outlay will be less than a large property.

So, how do you make the most of your small living space? Here are some tricks to help you on your way.

Use mirrors to add visual space

You will be amazed at how much bigger and brighter a living room looks with a well-placed mirror. Opt for a larger mirror or several placed close together for best effect, hung opposite a window or behind a lamp. This helps reflect light back into the room, greatly enhancing the illusion of space.

Draw the eye upwards

Another way make a room appear larger is to use cleverly-placed items to draw the eye upwards. For example, hanging pot plants make wonderful vertical features. Hang your plants tiered in groups of three or four on a wall or in a corner to draw the eye upwards. Similarly, artwork can be used to great effect to lift the eyes above head height and give the feeling of space.

Keep your artwork proportionate to the room and don’t overdo it though, or you will find the opposite effect – the room will appear drawn inwards. Vertical drapes and blinds are another trick to add dimension and make the most of vertical space. Keep window treatments soft and in complementing colours to the rest of the decor for best effect.

Make the most of vertical space

Vertical space can also be used to great effect for storage in a small living room. Shelves are very useful and can make the most of vacant wall space, adding an element of design as well as practicality. Floating shelves or corner shelves are non-imposing options that meld beautifully with the decor, keeping the attention on the items they show off.

Hanging items such as whiteboards for keeping family notes, or the television to allay the need for another item of furniture, can also be practical ways to better utilise your vertical space.

Opt for neutral tones

Light, neutral tones on walls, floors and large furniture items give the illusion of space, with each seamlessly transitioning to the next as you peer around the room. Lighter colours also help reflect light back around the room, further adding to the feeling of spaciousness. This is certainly not to say you can’t inject your own playful colour scheme – just be strategic in how much and where  you add splashes of personality.

For example, wall decals are a great way to liven up a blank wall without overpowering colour. Another way to add colour is through soft furnishings such as cushions, throw rugs and trinkets. The beauty of decorating this way is you can easily and inexpensively change the colour scheme as you desire. For investors, neutral tones have a greater appear for resale later on, as opposed to bold, bright colours that can put potential buyers off.

Choose furniture wisely

In a small living space, choose furniture with little optical ‘weight’; that is, items that you can easily see around or through. Glass coffee tables are brilliant in small spaces, as they add functionality with minimal visual clutter. For floor lamps, chairs and tables, opt for versions with pared-back elements such as thin legs. In a small space, the less your furniture obstructs your view around the room, the better.

A comfortable couch is a must in any living space, but when you have limited room, this can be one of the hardest items to fit. Corner couches are great options here, or take measurements and find one that fits neatly along a wall. 

As you can see, there are many tricks to help you make the most of your small living space. Whether you are looking to live there yourself, or make it more attractive for renters or buyers, small can wonderfully functional and comfortable.

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