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Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 No 50

Part 12
Division 4
Section 230

Agreements and arrangements arising from mediation sessions | Section 230

(1)  The Tribunal may make orders to give effect to any agreement or arrangement arising out of a mediation session.

(2)  An order may be made whether or not the mediation was carried out in accordance with this Part or by a mediator within the meaning of this Part.

(3)  Without limiting subsection (1), the Tribunal may make an order that gives effect to the terms of a written agreement signed during a mediation session by persons who were parties to the mediation.

(4)  A mediator may request the registrar to refer a matter to the Tribunal for the making of an order under this section, but only with the consent of the parties to the mediation.

(5)  This Part does not affect the enforceability of any other agreement or arrangement that may be made, whether or not arising out of a mediation session, in relation to the matters the subject of a mediation session.

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