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Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 No 50

Part 11
Division 2
Section 195

Approval of building inspector appointment by owners corporation | Section 195

(1)  The developer of a strata scheme must not appoint a building inspector under section 194 to carry out an inspection and to report on building work unless the appointment is approved by the owners corporation by a resolution at a general meeting of the owners corporation.

Maximum penalty—200 penalty units.

(2)  If a building inspector proposed to be appointed by a developer to carry out any such inspection has been employed by, or by a contractor of, the developer at any time within the prescribed period preceding the proposed appointment, the developer and the proposed building inspector must disclose that fact to the owners corporation before the owners corporation determines whether or not to approve the appointment.

Maximum penalty—200 penalty units.

Notice of other connections is also required to be given to the owners corporation under section 197 (4).

(3)  An owners corporation may refuse to approve the appointment of a building inspector on any grounds.

(4)  The owners corporation must, not later than 14 days after deciding to approve or refuse to approve the appointment of a building inspector by a developer, give the developer and the Secretary written notice of the decision.

Maximum penalty—5 penalty units.

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