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Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 No 50

Part 3
Division 2
Section 36

Functions of strata committee | Section 36

(1)  A strata committee has the functions conferred on it by or under this or any other Act.

(2)  A decision of a strata committee is taken to be the decision of the owners corporation. However, in the event of a disagreement between the owners corporation and the strata committee, the decision of the owners corporation prevails.

(3)  The following decisions cannot be made by the strata committee—

(a)  a decision that is required by or under any Act to be made by the owners corporation by unanimous resolution or special resolution or in general meeting,

(b)  a decision on any matter or type of matter that the owners corporation has determined in general meeting is to be decided only by the owners corporation in general meeting.

(4)  An owners corporation may in general meeting continue to exercise all or any of the functions conferred on it by this Act or the by-laws even though a strata committee holds office.

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