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Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 No 50

Part 12
Division 4
Section 236

Order for reallocation of unit entitlements | Section 236

(1) Tribunal may make order allocating unit entitlements The Tribunal may, on application, make an order allocating unit entitlements among the lots that are subject to a strata scheme in the manner specified in the order if the Tribunal considers that the allocation of unit entitlements among the lots—

(a)  was unreasonable when the strata plan was registered or when a strata plan of subdivision was registered, or

(b)  was unreasonable when a revised schedule of unit entitlement was lodged at the conclusion of a development scheme, or

(c)  became unreasonable because of a change in the permitted land use, being a change (for example, because of a rezoning) in the ways in which the whole or any part of the parcel could lawfully be used, whether with or without planning approval.

(2) Matters to be taken into consideration In making a determination under this section, the Tribunal is to have regard to the respective values of the lots and to such other matters as the Tribunal considers relevant.

(3) Persons who may apply for order An application for an order under this section may be made by any of the following—

(a)  an owner of a lot (whether or not a development lot) within the parcel for the strata scheme,

(b)  the owners corporation,

(c)  the lessor, in the case of a leasehold strata scheme,

(d)  the local council, or by any other public authority or statutory body representing the Crown, being an authority or body that is empowered to impose a rate, tax or other charge by reference to a valuation of land.

(4) Application to be accompanied by valuation An application for an order must be accompanied by a certificate specifying the valuation, at the relevant time of registration or immediately after the change in the permitted land use, of each of the lots to which the application relates.

(5) Qualifications of person making valuation The certificate must have been given by a person who is a qualified valuer within the meaning of the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015.

(6) Ancillary orders that may be made if original valuation unsatisfactory The Tribunal may, if it makes an order allocating unit entitlements that were not allocated in accordance with a valuation of a qualified valuer and, in the opinion of the Tribunal, were allocated unreasonably by an original owner, also order—

(a)  the payment by the original owner to the applicant for the order of the costs incurred by the applicant, including fees and expenses reasonably incurred in obtaining the valuation and the giving of evidence by a qualified valuer, and

(b)  the payment by the original owner to any or all of the following people of the amounts (if any) assessed by the Tribunal to represent any overpayments (due to the unreasonable allocation) for which liability arose not earlier than 6 years before the date of the order—

(i)  the lessor, in the case of a leasehold strata scheme,

(ii)  the owners corporation,

(iii)  the owners of lots.

(7) Lodgment of order The owners corporation must ensure that a copy of an order made by the Tribunal under this section is lodged with the Registrar-General no more than 6 months after the order is made. Nothing in this section prevents a person who is entitled to apply for an order under this section from lodging a copy of an order made under this section.


Section 246 contains provisions with respect to the recording of an order made under this section.

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