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Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 No 50

Part 5
Division 2
Section 81

Owners corporation to set contributions to administrative and capital works funds | Section 81

(1)  The owners corporation must determine the amounts to be levied as a contribution to the administrative fund and the capital works fund to raise the amounts estimated as needing to be credited to those funds.

(2)  That determination must be made at the same meeting at which those estimated amounts are determined.

(3)  The owners corporation must levy on each person liable for it such a contribution.

(4)  If the owners corporation is subsequently faced with other expenses it cannot at once meet from either fund, it must levy on each owner of a lot in the strata scheme a contribution to the administrative fund or capital works fund, determined at a general meeting of the owners corporation, in order to meet the expenses.

(5)  A contribution is, if an owners corporation so determines, payable by the regular periodic instalments specified in the determination setting the amount of the contribution.

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