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Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016

Part 2
Clause 9

Election of strata committee | Clause 9

(1)  At a meeting of an owners corporation at which the strata committee is to be elected, the chairperson must—

(a)  announce the names of the candidates already nominated in writing for election to the strata committee, and

(b)  call for any oral nominations of candidates eligible for election to the strata committee.

(2)  A written or oral nomination made for the purposes of the election is ineffective if it is made by a person other than the nominee unless it is supported by the consent of the nominee given—

(a)  in writing, if the nominee is not present at the meeting, or

(b)  orally, if the nominee is present at the meeting.

(3)  After the chairperson declares that nominations have closed, the owners corporation is to decide, in accordance with the Act, the number of members of the strata committee.

(4)  If the number of candidates—

(a)  is the same as, or fewer than, the number of members of the strata committee decided on—those candidates are to be declared by the chairperson to be, and are taken to have been, elected as the strata committee, or

(b)  is greater than the number so decided on—a ballot is to be held.

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