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Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016

Part 4
Clause 29

Initial maintenance schedule: section 115 of Act | Clause 29

(1)  The initial maintenance schedule for the maintenance of the common property of a strata scheme must contain maintenance and inspection schedules for a thing that is on common property if the maintenance and inspection is reasonably required to avoid damage to the thing or a failure to function properly for its intended purpose.

(2)  Without limiting the matters to be included in the initial maintenance schedule, maintenance and inspection schedules must be included for the following—

(a)  exterior walls, guttering, downpipes and roof,

(b)  pools and surrounds, including fencing and gates,

(c)  air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems,

(d)  fire protection equipment, including sprinkler systems, alarms and smoke detectors,

(e)  security access systems,

(f)  embedded networks and micro-grids.

(3)  The following are to be included with or attached to the initial maintenance schedule—

(a)  all warranties for systems, equipment or any other things referred to in the schedule,

(b)  any manuals or maintenance requirements provided by manufacturers for any of those things,

(c)  the name and contact details of the manufacturer and installer of any of those things.

(4)  The schedule may be in hard copy or in an electronic form that is accessible by the owners corporation.

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