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Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016

Part 3
Clause 23

Levy register | Clause 23

(1)  The levy register must include a separate section for each lot in the strata scheme that is not a utility lot.

(2)  Each of those sections must specify, by appropriate entries, the following matters in relation to each contribution levied by the owners corporation and must indicate whether those entries are debits or credits and the balances for those entries—

(a)  the date on which the contribution is due and payable,

(b)  the type of contribution and the period in respect of which it is to be made,

(c)  the amount of the contribution levied shown as a debit,

(d)  the amount of each payment shown as a credit,

(e)  the date on which each payment relating to the contribution was made,

(f)  whether a payment made was made in cash or by cheque or in some other specified manner,

(g)  whether an amount paid comprised full payment or part payment,

(h)  details of any discount given for early payment,

(i)  the balance of the account.

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