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Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016

Part 3
Clause 24

Receipts | Clause 24

For the purposes of section 97 (2) of the Act, each receipt issued by the treasurer of the owners corporation must include the following—

(a)  the date of issue of the receipt,

(b)  the amount of money received,

(c)  the form (cash, cheque, postal order or other) in which the money was received,

(d)  the name of the person on whose behalf the payment was made,

(e)  if the payment is for a contribution to the administrative or capital works fund—

(i)  a statement that the payment was made in respect of that contribution, and

(ii)  the lot number in respect of which the contribution was made, and

(iii)  the period in respect of which the payment is made (if relevant), and

(iv)  details of any discount given for early payment,

(f)  if the payment is not a payment referred to in paragraph (e)—particulars of the transaction in respect of which the payment is received,

(g)  if the payment is received in respect of more than one transaction—the manner in which the payment is apportioned between transactions.

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