Friday, May 20, 2022

Strata Christmas Party

Deciding on whether the owners corporation pay for a strata Christmas party really comes down to a decision of individual buildings. It’s a standard activity at a majority of strata schemes to have a strata Christmas party and the general feeling is that it promotes community living.

Ho Ho … Oh No!

Now you can expect the odd Christmas scrooge that may object to spending owners corporation funds for community building events. Creating harmony should be the objective and while it is important to listen to the points of the objector(s) you should weigh this up against the greater good. It’s Christmas after all. Individual voices can be loud but the majority voice should always prevail.

Love thy neighbour is quite difficult in high density environments. Many apartment dwellers can go for years without knowing who lives two doors down, let alone who lives below them. The common courtesy of saying hello in the hallway might be as far as one gets in creating a sense of community in your scheme.

Events such as a strata Christmas party can break down barriers. You must create a community as it will not just happen. Good governance and management is capable of driving the process which means open lines of communication, an appropriate level of funding and a genuine commitment by everyone to be involved.

Fostering a genuine communal environment can only be beneficial to owners, tenants, management, committees and other stakeholders. Any events, a strata Christmas party or otherwise, should be budgeted and therefore the expenditure is agreed to by owners at an AGM.

All this planning won’t stop the Christmas scrooge complaining about expenditure. A strata Christmas party may in fact be an opportunity for those in strata to get along (well maybe). For the Christmas scrooge, normally a vocal minority, your response might be ‘bah humbug’.

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