Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Strata Manager Accreditation Launched

Strata Manager Accreditation Launched

A Practice Standard for the Strata Management industry officially launches in WA!

Strata Community Association WA (SCA WA) has officially launched the Strata Management Practice Standard, a business certification program for strata management businesses. The launch was attended by key WA business principals as well as representatives from NSW, Victoria and the ACT who will be looking to follow WA’s lead as this program is rolled out nationally.

Scott Bellerby, President of SCA WA, said, ‘The SCA Strata Practice Standard will be a real game changer for the Property Industry as a whole. We will now be able to set a National Standard for the whole Strata Industry’.

This initiative is a giant step forward for the strata management industry, particularly in WA where there is no government regulation or licensing regime. For the first time, there will be a program that will offer consumers peace of mind when selecting a strata management business to manage their strata scheme.

Mr Bellerby said, ‘This will give our clients the confidence that they are dealing with accredited professionals who will not only be proceeding with the auditing of their Trusts and Bank Accounts, but will also have their Policies and Procedures and subsequently their Business Practices audited on an annual basis’.

This program represents the next stages of SCA’s endeavour to lift the professional standards in the strata industry, which started with the Accreditation program for Strata Management staff several years ago. With strata living on the rise across Australia, the education of Strata Managers and good governance of businesses are vital to the success of growing communities.

The SCA WA anticipate seeing the Independent Auditor commencing compliance inspections from around September 2018 and the first Business Accreditation’s being issued by late this year.

Going forward, the SCA WA strongly encourage all strata owners, developers and other service related professionals ensure they are dealing with an Accredited Strata Management Company.

Strata Manager Accreditation set to become the standard across Australia

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