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Strata Minutes

A strata committee must keep full and accurate strata minutes of its meetings.  The minutes must include details of all resolutions passed, including those considered without holding a meeting.

Within 7 days after a meeting of a strata committee or the passing of a resolution by the strata committee, copies of the minutes must be given to each member of the committee.

In a large strata scheme a copy of the minutes must be given to each owner who requests a copy within 7 days.

In other strata schemes a copy of the minutes must be given to each owner within 7 days.

There is no requirement to provide a copy of minutes to tenants, or the tenant’s representative.

Q: I asked the secretary to put an issue about parking on the agenda of a general meeting but it was not included. What should I do?

A: Seek to raise it at the meeting and ask again to put the motion on the agenda for the next meeting. Another option is applying for free mediation with Fair Trading to help resolve the matter.

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