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Strata Motion – getting a motion on the agenda

Strata Motion

To get a strata motion on the agenda of an annual general meeting, you should email or mail the statement of intent to the secretary of the committee at least six weeks before the meeting. 

If you can’t wait or don’t want to wait for the next annual general meeting, owners can request a general meeting, known as a qualified request, if it is made by one or more owners of a lot or lots in the strata scheme having a total unit entitlement of at least 25%.

(General meetings were formerly called extraordinary general meetings)

The agenda will include details of the motions for that meeting. Only motions provided in the agenda can be voted on. You cannot put forward new motions in a meeting other than to amend a strata motion or allow a tenant to speak at a meeting. They must be left until the next meeting.

You can submit a strata motion

Any owner, or any person entitled to vote at a general meeting of an owners corporation, may require a motion to be included in the agenda of the next general meeting of the owners corporation.

Written notice must be given to the secretary who must put the motion on the agenda for the next general meeting. The written notice must:

  • sets out the required motion, and
  • states the name of the person making the strata motion, and
  • includes an explanation of the strata motion of not more than 300 words in length.

The secretary must give effect to the requirement However, if the requirement is made after notice has been given of the meeting, the secretary must include the motion in the agenda for the next subsequent meeting.

An owner or a person may make a requirement even if the owner or person cannot vote because the owner is an unfinancial owner.

Reference: Schedule 1, section 4– Strata Schemes Management Act 2015

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