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Strata sub-committee | What is the role of a strata sub-committee?

Is your committee getting bogged down in detail at strata committee meetings? A strata sub-committee might be the answer to share the work-load, tap into the expertise, energy and enthusiasm of other residents and focus on the detail of particular issues or projects?

The purpose of a sub-committee is to assist the strata committee in developing and delivering outcomes for the owners corporation.

It is common practice for the owners corporation to set-up strata sub-committees or working parties to tackle, as a smaller group, particular issues or projects in greater detail.

It is important to state that a sub-committee does not constitute a delegation of authority and the strata committee has the final responsibility for all decisions. Sub-committees are advisory bodies only.

Why have a strata sub-committee?

Many owners corporations use sub-committees to assist and spread the work-load. Sub-committees allow you to tap into the expertise of other individuals that aren’t on the strata committee but can provide valuable assistance. There are often people within a strata scheme willing to work on specific projects or areas. Why not utilise the expertise of the resident landscaper on the next gardening project.

Strata sub-committees;

  • promote good governance and inclusiveness
  • give people with a specific interest a voice
  • allow detailed information to be gathered and digested
  • allow the strata committee to make informed decisions

What does a strata sub-committee do?

  • Gather information and data
  • Seek and present specialist advice
  • Arrange inspections or quotes
  • Developing tender specifications
  • Provide recommendations to the strata committee

Example of strata sub-committees

A sub-committee can be established for any area of owners corporation business.


  • By-law review
  • Renovations Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Special Project Committee (for example, new infrastructure)

Setting up a Strata Sub-committee

For a sub-committee to succeed it should have a defined structure. Each sub-committee should have clear terms of reference, agreed to by the strata committee, and reviewed regularly.

A sub-committee structure includes:

  • Purpose/Objective – what is the general purpose and the objectives of the sub-committee
  • Responsibilities – what is the strata sub-committee responsible for?
  • Budget – is there an allocated budget for the project?
  • Length of term – is the project ongoing or a set period
  • Members – who is on the committee and who will chair the sub-committee. Each sub-committee should have at least one strata committee member even if that person is there in an advisory role and to communicate progress to the strata committee
  • Reporting – each meeting of the sub-committee should be minuted and shared with the strata committee

A strata sub-committee could be the answer your strata committee is looking for!

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