Friday, August 6, 2021


Drafting a strata motion, strata motion example

Drafting a strata motion

Want some advice on drafting a strata motion? This article has sample strata motions and tips on how to draft motions for strata meetings

DIY Kitchen Renovation

Planning a DIY kitchen renovation? Start with a plan and this means research before swinging a sledgehammer

Catering to the Rental Market

When purchasing off-the-plan property, consider catering to the rental market and take advantage of the option to customise to fit potential tenants’ needs.

Building a successful property portfolio

Building a successful property portfolio begins with a clear vision. Planning ahead for your property portfolio is key for the future.

Calling a Strata General Meeting

Who can call a strata general meeting? | How to call a meeting? | Also known as a special general meeting or an extraordinary general meeting

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