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Hygge Decor – The Do’s and Don’ts

Choosing the right decor style for your house has a huge impact on the atmosphere and influence the amount of time your family spends at

Five Strata Garden Decor Ideas

Five Strata Garden Decor Ideas

Before you throw down some turf or plonk some flower pots on the balcony, it’s a good idea to have a plan.

Drafting a strata motion, strata motion example

Drafting a strata motion

Want some advice on drafting a strata motion? This article has sample strata motions and tips on how to draft motions for strata meetings

Removing a committee member

Removing a committee member – Vic

An owners corporation in Victoria may, at an annual general meeting or special general meeting, resolve to add or remove a committee member or replace

DIY Kitchen Renovation

Planning a DIY kitchen renovation? Start with a plan and this means research before swinging a sledgehammer

Strata Christmas Party

Should the owners corporation pay for a strata Christmas party? A majority of large strata schemes have a Strata Christmas party and the general feeling is that it promotes community living.

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