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OC Responsibilities

Strata Administration Fund Bank Account

Any amounts deposited into the Strata Administration Fund Bank Account must be an account in the name of the owners corporation.

Requirements of Large Strata Schemes

Large Strata Schemes Large strata schemes have more than 100 lots, not including parking and utility lots (Section 6). Some special provisions apply to large

Schoolies and body corporate
OC Responsibilities

Schoolies and body corporate

Schoolies begins this weekend! You should have already started thinking about the impact on your property

What are Body Corporate Assets?

What are body corporate assets and what are the responsibilities of the body corporate in relation to their assets?

Access to Body Corporate Records
OC Responsibilities

Access to Body Corporate Records

One of the more common queries my Office receives is about access to body corporate records. It stands to reason this query would come up

Strata Hot Water System, Who is responsible

Strata Hot Water System | Who is responsible?

It is normally the responsibility of the owners corporation to repair and maintain the hot water system. This depends on whether you have a ‘common hot water system’

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