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By-laws, Rules & Regulations

Pets Free for All - Pets In Strata - Strataville

Pets Free for All

It was until recently generally thought that with the exception of assistance animals, that by-laws may permit, permit with consent or prohibit the keeping of

Changing unit entitlements

Since 30 November 2016, all NSW strata schemes that are registered will require their unit entitlements to be apportioned on a market value basis.

Strata Unit Entitlements

A common misconception is that the unit entitlement is determined by lot size.

Noise transfer between apartments
By-laws, Rules & Regulations

Noise transfer between apartments. Please Help!

Noise transfer between apartments is a huge problem in strata complexes. The issue has become worse as more and more apartment owners have a preference for hard floor coverings.

False fire alarm strata by-law

If residents engage in a reckless or negligent manner, the owners corporation should consider enacting a false fire alarm strata by-law.

What is the situation with AirBnb?

Where does a lot owner or a body corporate stand in relation to short-term letting under the legislation in Queensland

House rules of the owners corporation

House rules of the owners corporation

Rules or house rules are intended to allow owners and residents of units to be able to enjoy the use of their property in reasonable peace and harmony.

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