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Strata Committee

Removing a committee member

Removing a committee member – Vic

An owners corporation in Victoria may, at an annual general meeting or special general meeting, resolve to add or remove a committee member or replace

Role of the Strata Secretary

In large schemes, the general functions of the strata secretary are delegated to the strata managing agent. The powers and duties of the Secretary include: preparing

Role of the Strata Treasurer

Many of the duties and functions of the strata treasurer can be and are delegated to the strata manager. This includes: issuing of levy notices and financial recording.

Role of the Strata Chairperson

The real role of the strata chairperson is not defined under the Act thus many functions of the chairperson are customary rather than formalised by

Replacing a strata committee member

There are a number of circumstances where replacing a strata committee member is required. For example, but not limited to, an elected member of a

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